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We are located on an acre in southern Arizona at the base of the beautiful Catalina mountains, bordering state land and a short hike or ride from Catalina State Park.  We share our home with horses, a cat, and our Cavalier King Charles Spaniels.  Our dogs and puppies are introduced to all the activity you might expect in a household with two active children and other pets.  Both our kids enjoy horseback riding and the daily care of the dogs and puppies.  We believe it is how a child is taught and allowed to interact with pets, and not a "magic age", that makes them good with animals.  Cavaliers do very well with all ages, however, we do warn that puppies are very small and can be injured by young children, so supervision is crucial.

All our Cavalier puppies are whelped in our bedroom and are handled throughout the day, from the moment they are born, by everyone in our family, including our kids, to ensure they are the most loving, socialized companion they can be.  They are litterbox trained and brought outdoors often, to get them familiar with "potty training."  In addition, they are all introduced to a crate and are given short baths; they even take short trips in the car!

Caring for our Cavaliers, children, and our other pets is my full time job.  I am proud of our dogs and puppies and welcome you to visit our home.
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